Goals for the year (take 3)

So, it’s time for my annual post about my New Years goals. So, let me just start off with stating once again why I like writing these down. It serves as a type of visual stimulation and reminder, which I can look up halfway through the year, and fall back on if I feel like I may not be doing precisely what I want to be doing. It has served as some type of motivation, and it also helped me to refocus during the mid-year-slum in which I sometimes find myself, where you can feel time passing, but you don’t feel like you are achieving anything.

During 2018, I had 3 basic goals. Learn Dutch, travel more, and become more fit. And I am pretty satisfied with how my year unfolded. I can now follow most Dutch conversations (although I can’t speak that well. I tend to get confused with the verb conjugations). I hope to find some type of Dutch stimulus this year so I can keep on working on it. As for travelling, I am also quite pleased. I managed to explore a large part of the Netherlands, as well as see some different European countries. And lastly, my fitness level has definitely increased. When I arrived, I could hardly cycle 5km in 30 minutes without being completely wasted. Now, I can do it in 20 minutes and slightly break a sweat. I am planning on writing a post specifically about 2018 (it might be more than one) discussing travel experiences, lessons I learnt and just general thoughts, but in this post, I want to now focus on the year ahead of me.

2019. Sjoh. Hectic. Ik ben benieuwd.
This year started quite different from previous New Years, as I was with friends in Germany. The phrase for the evening was “so jung kommen wir nicht mehr zusammen’, which roughly translates to we will never get together at this young an age. But behind it is a philosophy of eat, drink, enjoy the moment because it too shall pass. And hence this carpe diem meaning behind the phrase, I’ve decided to loosely adopt this as my phrase for the year. This year I will move back to Pretoria in South Africa to study and work. I’ll hopefully complete my BHons this year (which is basically the specialisation year with your thesis if you do a BA in Arts or Social Science).

  1. I hope to rediscover the city where I grew up.
    1. Most cities have hidden gems and when we moved away, I was still too young to explore these properly. I already have some sources who are experts in finding hidden gems and I’ll definitely be hitting them up. I also hope to visit all the food markets (those who know me, know that I love a food market).
  2. I hope to do some more diving and perhaps try some other sports that I’ve never tried before.
    1. If time allows it, I would love to do my Advanced Open Water course. At the moment I’m also thinking of trying kitesurfing or perhaps skiing, but we’ll see how it goes seeing that I don’t live by the sea or the mountains. If opportunities to try other sports arise, hopefully, I’ll have the time to try them, and who knows, perhaps I have hidden coordination that no-one is aware of.
  3. I want to have a dinner party (or two).
    1. You know, something like the ones Bridget Jones (minus the blue soup) and Julie & Julia, where you invite some friends over and then wow them with your excellent cooking (or give them enough wine so that they appreciate whatever you cook up). I’d like to do like 3 or 4 courses.

And that’s it for now. Let’s see how it goes.
Wishing you al a beautiful 2019.

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