Solo travels pt.2

This “I’m lying in bed at 18:50, on a Wednesday. I booked into my hostel in Brugge about an hour ago. It’s my third day of solo travelling. I’ve done three cities in three days, and I’m averaging around 17 000 steps each day.” was going to be my intro, but then I didn’t finish writing the post, and now I have an even better intro.

As I stare out my balcony window, the last rays of the sun are falling on the buildings on the other side of the street. Most of the trees are almost stark naked and the promise of a cold winter is hanging in the air. The streets are still bustling at this hour, as it is just after six in the afternoon, and many people are heading home for the first time today. The organised chaos in the streets consists of scooters, buses, vans, cars, the odd emergency vehicle. Pedestrians are wearing jackets and scarves There are dads with strollers and ladies walking their goodest boys.

I arrived in Paris today, the fourth day of my solo trip. Due to technology these days, I haven’t been that lonely yet. I do miss companionship, but fortunately, I met up with a friend yesterday. Helena is a girl from Belgium, that I met in a hostel in Portugal earlier this year. When I started planning my trip, I thought I would contact her and see if we could meet up. And I was great seeing a familiar face and having someone to talk to. In that respect, I think solo-travelling (well, travelling in general), has changed quite a bit.
Nowadays, you can keep in contact a lot easier with all the people you meet whilst travelling. You also don’t need to plan very far ahead, because you can just Google things (but you should definitely ask the locals as well).

I’ve also been uploading a lot of photos to my Instastory, and I’ve been able to keep in contact with friends through other social media platforms. It’s amazing how, with video chat, you can share a part of your experience with people on the other side of the world (but keep in mind to stay present, and enjoy where you are). So many people travel just to check places off of a list. When I travel, I enjoy taking in my experience. It’s nice to just sit somewhere and watch people going by, or go to a classic touristic viewpoint, and not just observe the site, but also all the people who visit it.

That’s it for today.

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