End of the semester post

So, the radio silence on my blog was due to semi-unforeseen circumstances. So here is the story.
You know when you have just passed the middle of the semester and you are convinced that it has been the longest quarter of a year that you have experienced. The end of the semester is a far away dream hidden behind the big essays and final exams looming over you. The days get shorter and the nights longer, and then the suddenly when you wake up in the mornings, it’s still dark outside.

And then suddenly, the days are supposed to get longer again. The exams and essays are part of a country where all-nighters rule and eating healthy is few and far between. Your holiday lays stretched out and it is full of expectations and promises.

The self-made promises of daily early-morning hikes become once weekly late morning hikes. The books sit glaring at you as you binge watch the series that you discovered mid exam but couldn’t finish. The nagging feeling that you should probably post something tugging at your subconscious.

And then you do it. You finish the book that took you four months to complete. You write the blog post. You transplant the plant that has been begging for a bigger container. You go for the hike. You make that meal that you just have not ‘had the time’ for. You go to the movies and grab dinner with friends. The movie inspires you to challenge your photography and you do it. You just do it.


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