Goals for the year

The other day we were talking about New Years resolutions and my dad mentioned an article that he read that said that you should write down your goals for the year. My mom, who is a visual person, said that seeing it quite often could possibly motivate and remind you to do it.

So I have decided to make a list and to try and follow it.

1. Do things that scare you.
With this, I am not planning to go wandering around alone at night. I mean to take on more responsibility. I want to make a commitment to this blog. I want to do things I would have normally said no to. I want to leave my comfort zone.

2. Go on adventures
Last year I did a semester abroad in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. Being a tourist living with a bunch of other international students we took all the opportunities to go travel. I thoroughly enjoyed this and it made me want to be a tourist in Cape Town as well. Sometimes we get so used to the utter banality of the everyday that we stop exploring. I want to break that cycle and do things that I haven’t done before.

3. Take photos
I recently acquired a decent camera and I have decided to document more things this year. I, however, don’t want the camera and the photos to stop me from being part of the moment. What does it help if you have photos of memories where you weren’t even present?

4. Learn new recipes
I love cooking and baking. It is one of my favourite ways to pass the time. In our digs (a type of student house) we take turns to prepare dinner for the rest of the house. If I try a new recipe at least every second week it means that I will learn to prepare at least 15 new recipes.

This is how many things I have thought of so far.I hope to stick to them.


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